How Much Does a Koi Pond cost?

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So you're looking to get a pond but have no clue what they cost?

Well that’s a great question and definitely something you should know before diving head first into. Whether you’re currently living in Nassau County or Suffolk County we can help, prices can vary depending on location due to price of material and labor. So whether you want a koi pond, water garden, or fish pond we have made a special page on our website all about pricing. You can pick out what you want or don’t want and you’ll have a really good idea of what it will cost you to build that dream koi pond of yours. But now getting to the point of how much a koi pond will really cost you.

In reality, this is a difficult question to answer due to the amount of variables involved in creating a custom one of a kind koi pond. The closest idea we can compare the cost of a koi pond is to the cost involved in purchasing a car. Two people may drive the same exact make and model of a car yet the price may variable by tens of thousands due to the amount of options and add-ons. The same can be said for ponds. When creating a custom koi pond, there are multiple considerations and customizations for each individual. Whether you’re looking for a very interactive feature with interactive stepping stones, or a wading area, the length of the stream, the amount of LED lights, pond depth, driftwood accents, the list goes on and on. All these customizations will considerably adjust the price of a garden pond. 

The simple factor that is probably self explanatory is the size of the pond. A larger pond will of course cost more than a smaller pond. But the factors of why that is will be explained throughout this article. A large reason for that pond to be more expensive than a smaller pond is mostly due to the scale of everything. We can not use simple mechanical and biological filters. We will be constructing a custom wetland filter as your biological filter and a custom intake bay as your skimmer which will be your mechanical filtration device. But now onto factors that influence every pond, negligible of size.

A large factor would be the stone you choose to build your pond. Here at Tranquilityscapes, we mostly use Moss Rock. It’s a great looking boulder with a lot of character with lichens and moss on it giving it a super natural and aged feel even for a brand new pond. If you’re looking to import Limestone from the Ozark’s, or Aqua bluestone boulders, it’s going to be expensive. On top, of the price of the rock is the labor to install these boulders which depends on the size of your stone. Each boulder has to be brought into the pond by hand, or if they are large boulders then they must be strapped and dropped by an excavator one at a time. It takes years of practice and experience to make a pond look natural, as it is not as simple as just stacking boulders like a game of Tetris. Another factor would be adding driftwood into the pond, depending on the size of driftwood it may need to be strapped up to a piece of equipment to be set into place. We may spend hours to a full day just setting a large piece of driftwood into a bank to make it look like its been there for a hundred years. 

A big factor that will influence the price of the pond, is building an interactive area on the edge of the pond. An interactive area would be an area that cantilevers into the pond, whether it be a large stone or a wood deck. This is an area where you could sit down, put your feet in the water and feed the fish. Interactive areas are great for kids as they get to play with the fish. Depending on how large the area is, how elaborate the design is, will all influence price. Another influence factor would be a fish cave, on Long Island, we mostly will deal with herons. A fish cave helps protect your fish from predators, as it gives them a place to hide. A fish cave will also give your koi a place to hibernate during the winter time and keep them safe while they hibernate. 

Lighting your pond can cost a lot or a little. A lot of forethought goes into making a lighting system for a pond, and they can become very elaborate and convert a regular pond into something magical at night time or they can be a simpler set up that still gets the job done and looks great. We HIGHLY recommend installing illumination into your pond, as it extends your landscape as well as the amount of time you can enjoy your pond which will be something you will want to do. Smaller costs that can add up would be your maintenance items; aeration, automatic dosing systems, ionizing systems. These will all make your pond more hands off and low maintenance but they come with a price tag attached to them.

When vetting a pond builder for your pond, it is rarely a good idea to go with a bottom line builder just because he has the cheapest price as you will be spending countless hours relaxing and enjoying your water feature with the people you love. Do some homework, because if the price sounds too good to be true chances are it is too good to be true. The last thing you want to do is pay for a Koi pond that is a maintenance nightmare and that is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Price shopping tends to lead to an unhappy ending to a water feature experience, as builders may skimp on filtration, causing high maintenance or even a system that won’t even function properly or even if it does work, it may just be an eye sore. And unfortunately, rebuilding a pond is more expensive than building a new pond from scratch as there is more labor involved in removing the old pond and disposing of the waste. At the end of the day you want to say “This is way better than I imagined” as you sit back with that nice cold beverage while you enjoy your new pond.

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