Aeromonas Alley

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Aeromonas Alley? What is it?

As colder weather is approaching Long Island, there’s somethings you should look out for in your Koi pond. “Aeromonas Alley” are not words any koi owner wants to hear. Aermonas Alley is when the pond water temperature is in the range of 42-62 degrees Fahrenheit . Under 65 degrees, your koi’s immune system takes a toll and is not as strong as it is when the water is warm. Aeromonas hydrophila and Pseudomonas fluorescens bacteria takes advantage of this as it reproduces faster than the koi’s immune system at this temperature making them vulnerable. This can be a fatal time for your pond so there’s a few things you could possibly do to try and prevent Aermonas Alley.

  •  Quaratine your new fish before adding them to your pond. You’ll be surprised how many times we’ve seen people buy some new Koi fish from their supplier and instantly add them to their pond and before you know it the whole pond is infected with parasites. 
  • Adding salt to your pond can help parasitic infections and ulcers and will slow fluid and electrolyte losses from ulcers but you need to know the exact volume of water you have before you go throwing in a couple pounds of salt. The rule of thumb is usually 3lb/100 gallons.
  • Make sure your filters and water quality are good year round
  • Don’t overstock your pond, overcrowding affects the ecosystem tremendously and increases the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) due to excess waste.
If you have a Koi fish with any weird behaviors such as lethargy, sinking to the bottom, rubbing against the edge of the pond, gasping for air, or has a visible ulcer then it is time to test your water and see your water parameters and contact a Koi veterinarian.