Frequently Asked Questions

How Deep Should A Backyard Pond Be?

The main factor in deciding your pond depth should be the climate zone. Long Island is a zone 7, therefore the minimum depth for a Koi Pond should be 2 feet on average to keep your Koi capable of over wintering. A gold fish pond may be able to get away with being 18 inches. Other things you should know before building a Koi pond can be found here.

How to keep your backyard pond clean

A proper ecosystem ponding will need a power washing and cleaning about every year or two depending on the size of your pond. Larger features may be able to postpone the deadline even further depending on the biological load on the pond. You can find out more info on our water feature cleaning page.

What is a good size for a pond?

That answer depends on what type of fish you will be housing. If you are not planning on getting any fish then there is no size requirement. The minimum pond size for goldfish should be a 6×8 pond. Koi Fish should be housed in a pond that is at least 8×11. More Information about sizing can be found here.

Is a backyard pond even worth it?

We highly recommend getting a pond, as the pond becomes the focal point of your landscape and will draw everyone outside of the house. A well built ecosystem pond can be low maintenance, problem free and a lifetime of enjoyment.

How much does it cost to build a pond?

The cost of a pond is difficult question to answer as it depends on the amount of options one chooses to add to the pond. The cost of a pond is on par with the cost of a car, two people may have the same car but the cost may vary by thousands due to the add-ons available. If you want to find packaged pond deals and what can change the price of a pond click here.

How to keep my backyard pond clean?

Keeping your ecosystem pond clean is not to difficult thankfully. We strive in creating ecosystem ponds that balance themselves out to provide a low maintenance pond that is enjoyable year round. If your experiencing green pond water, then we have the perfect article we created just for you. Learn how to fix your green pond water!

How to clean my pondless waterfall?

Cleaning your pondless waterfall is actually pretty easy. Whether you have a Aquabasin or a pump vault just turn off the water feature and remove the pump. Follow the manufacturers manual on how to service the pump. After the pump is cleaned, you can just take a power washer or a garden hose with a strong nozzle and blast off the film of algae on the water feature. Plug in the pump and you’re back in business! If you want to stay completely hands off with your waterfall just contact us and we’ll take care of it for you! Contact us.