Pondless Waterfall Maintenance

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There are 3 different types of water features you can have. There are pond’s, pondless waterfalls or fountains. We believe pondless waterfalls have the lowest maintenance out of the three. This makes them a great choice for any homeowner.

Pondless water maintenance includes the following

        ⦁ Filling up your reservoir with water as needed! This is always dependent on your reservoir size. The bigger the reservoir the less frequent you must fill it up. Just like a swimming pool or pond, you will lose water due to normal evaporation. Therefore, you must fill up your pondless waterfall with water. If you want to avoid having to drag a hose and do it manually, adding an autofill to your system will take care of that for you. As the water level drops below a certain level, the autofill will turn on and fill your pondless waterfall back up. It is a great option to consider when getting a waterfall installed.
        ⦁ The area where your last waterfall falls on top of the reservoir and disappears must be monitored and cleaned of any debris such as leaves, sticks, etc. that may clog that area up. If the water cannot go back into the reservoir because debris is clogging the area, the water has a chance to pool up and go over the liner potentially causing a leak if it gets backed up too much.
        ⦁ During the fall time before the leaves start to come down, we recommend netting your pondless waterfall. This will prevent your reservoir from clogging up from leaves decaying over the gravel, as well keeps the rest of your waterfalls and stream areas clean from decaying leaves. This net can be taken down after all the leaves have dropped. Fall netting is a service we, Tranquility Scapes provide.
        ⦁ Occasionally pondless waterfalls can get algae on the rocks or in the water. This can occur if your water feature is in direct sun, and you have a lot of pooling areas in the stream. This is not harmful to the system; however, it can be unsightly and undesirable. This may require a homeowner to apply an algaecide to the water as needed. However, for those homeowners who want to be completely hands off their water feature maintenance, we do sell a dosing system or string algae eliminator that will take care of that for you.
        ⦁ Lastly, you will need to winterize your pondless at the end of every year before winter hits. This involves removing any netting that was installed to protect your water feature from excessive leaf build up. Trimming back any aquatic plants planted within the waterfall. Removing the check valve and pump and storing them in a bucket with water, disconnecting any autofill lines, and blowing out the lines. Winterization is a service we do offer to all homeowners!

That is all the maintenance required for a pondless waterfall! It is very low maintenance which makes it great for any homeowner. Like we mentioned, a pondless waterfall is an amazing addition to any landscape. It will bring you and your family countless years of enjoyment and relaxation, something everyone deserves! If you live in the Long Island, New York area, please feel to call us, Tranquility Scapes, at 516- 559-0803 to start your consultation on a project or for any service/ maintenance needs you may have! We like to say, let the experts at Tranquility Scapes help you by leaving the dirty work to us!

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