Should I Net My Pond?

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Wondering if you 'really' need to net your Koi pond?

As the Fall season is in full effect, leaves are starting to fall from the trees and will inevitably fall into your pond. Now, if there aren’t any trees with leaves around your pond then you have no need to net your pond. But if your pond is surrounded by trees which more likely than not, then it is worth while to look into netting your pond. As leaves fall and they land in your pond, the skimmer will get most of the debris but whatever gets caught up on lily pads and rocks will sink to the bottom. Depending on the amount of leaves you are getting, you may be emptying out your skimmer multiple times a day if your pond isn’t netted. If that is the case in your situation then it will be worthwhile to decrease your maintenance during the fall season as well as the spring season. If your leaf-load is minimal then it may be your preference to manually scoop the leaves out of your pond and clean your skimmer frequently instead of getting your pond netted, but if you want to completely reduce your maintenance than it may be good alternative.

If your pond is netted during the fall season, then you likely will have no fallen debris in the pond, therefore when it comes spring time next season your pond cleanout will be minimal if even needed, saving you money in the long run. Leaves will start decomposing and will create muck or sludge at the bottom of the pond, the bacteria in the pond will try to breakdown the leaves but the sludge will be inevitable. On top of having sludge at the bottom of your pond, which is unsightly,  any leaves that do get into your pond will release tannins into the water which will turn your Koi pond into a brown tea color as well as reduce the pH in the pond. The tea color can be removed by adding activated charcoal to the pond. The sludge will increase the time and money needed to clean the sludge out come spring time. 

The additional benefit of netting your koi pond is that it will protect the valuable goldfish, koi, and other precious lives from predators such as herons, raccoons, or even cats. Additionally, it can also be used as a child safety net to protect your children or pets from the pond if needed.

If you’re all for netting your pond but worried about the aesthetics of the net. Don’t worry, the black net material makes it barely noticeable so it doesn’t look unsightly and it will only be on for a few weeks until all the leaves have fallen and winter starts coming around. If you’re looking to have someone net your pond, whether you’re in Nassau County or Suffolk County of Long Island, NY, we can help you. We have made it simple and have a fall netting and closing package for ponds under 250 sqft. If you’re pond is larger then you can call us for a custom quote to come net or close your pond.