Can I use a timer for my water feature?

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This answer depends on what water feature you’re talking about and we are more than happy to explain!

If you are wondering if you could use a timer for your fish pond to reduce electricity costs the answer is simple. It all depends if you have a single pump or multiple pumps operating your pond. In many cases people often only have one pump operating their pond in which case the answer would be No. The reason being that since your pond is an ecosystem with fish and plants, they require proper circulation and oxygen which your pump is responsible for. In larger ponds you may have multiple pumps depending on the size of the pond which control different sections of the pond such as circulation jets, various waterfalls, any “party pumps” for increase water flow to your waterfalls, etc. in that case you can shut down those additional pumps and only maintain one pump on as long it meets the required circulation needed for your pond. Once again, the reason is because your pond is a living ecosystem that is home to beneficial bacteria, fish, and plants; they require oxygen to survive and proper circulation to maintain pristine water quality. 

Water features such as pondless waterfalls and decorative fountains on the other hand are not maintaining a live ecosystem like a pond does and do not require to be on 24/7. These water features can be placed on a timer if you desire to only keep them on for certain hours of the day to save on electricity costs.