Can you/should you use chemicals in your pond?

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If you are referring to using pool chemicals in your pond, the answer is NO! If you use pool chemicals or any chemicals not approved for ponds you risk killing all your fish, plants, and even damaging your pond pump/lights. 

The truth is you should not have to use any chemicals when you have a properly built natural ecosystem pond. An ecosystem pond is a replication of mother nature at a smaller scale and she does not require any chemicals for her eco systems to thrive. A professionally built pond should be low maintenance as once the ecosystem matures it becomes established and balanced, it will take care of itself with little maintenance. The only products we do use in ponds which we recommend are Aquascape products, since they are products designed to aid your pond, such as Beneficial Bacteria which is an important component in an ecosystem pond. If you want to learn more about water treatments you can use in your pond click here.

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