10 Ideas To Take Your Pond To The Next Level

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Have an existing pond that you want to spice up? Are you planning on getting a pond built and need some ideas before starting your project? Good thing you found us; we are here to help you!

A naturalistic ecosystem pond is a beautiful thing on its own, but there are many ways to take your pond to the next level! Our goal is to help you transform your property into the resort level oasis that you deserve. We hope our ideas will help inspire you in creating your very own tranquil oasis where you and your loved ones can spend more time relaxing in your outdoor space creating beautiful memories. 

Landscape: This one may seem simple or rather obvious, but we cannot stress the importance of a well-designed landscape to accent your natural water feature. You spent all this money building your natural ecosystem, every rock was carefully chosen and placed for a reason creating an aesthetically pleasing and properly functioning pond  but then skimp out on landscape is a sad and terrible mistake to make! A properly designed landscape is the icing on a cake, in this case, your pond. The plants will help naturalize your water feature even further, it can make a water feature appear like it has been there forever, and you just happen to build your house around it. The plants help add color, depth, interest, mystery, and help “soften up” the rocks, making your pond appear more natural and not man-made. Plantings should consist of both aquatic and terrestrial. Depending on the plants you choose for your landscape will further create a larger ecosystem on your property as they will attract wildlife such as birds, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, frogs etc. 

Lights: Another idea just like landscaping that may seem obvious but gets overlooked. You have spent all this money investing in your backyard oasis but didn’t get lights, you should reconsider. Most homeowners work 9-5’s and you may not get a chance to enjoy your water feature before it gets dark. Lights change everything! properly installed LED lighting enables for a tranquil nighttime ambiance. Lights in a pond allow you to see your fish gliding across the water graciously under the moonlight shine at night. Each cascade of your waterfalls is beautifully lit creating a fiery shimmer across all the plants and backdrop as the light reflects off the water can make your backyard feel like an enchanted forest.

Pathways: Creating pathways define different areas in your backyard while connecting and unifying them as well. Pathways make your backyard more interactive. They create a sense of mystery in the mind which draws a person outside to walk on the pathway to see where it leads to. Make sure your pathways define different areas in your outdoor space and ensure they lead to a destination, do not create a pathway that leads nowhere. Pathways can be constructed using various materials such as pavers, steppingstones, slate, wooden boardwalks, gravel, concrete, even dirt. Guess what accents your pathway? LED lights.

Bridge: YES, A BRIDGE! Adding a bridge turns a pond from nice to epic quick. How could you resist walking over a bridge to get across the waterfalls/stream of the pond or better yet the pond itself? Bridges add a very interactive element to your water feature. They will make you feel like a kid again as you walk across them plus if you have kids, they will even love it more! Just like the pathways bridges can be built from different materials such as wood, metal, composite decking, Stone slabs, etc.


bridge over waterfall
A Bridge Spanning Over The Waterfall

Deck: If you have an existing deck why not build your pond as close as you can, creating a “dock” feeling. There is nothing better than having the water close to you transforming your outdoor space to a waterfront property. Imagine enjoying a nice drink listening to the soothing sounds of your waterfalls after a long stressful day while overlooking your pond and feeding your fish friends. It does not get better than that.

Patio: A patio just like a deck creates an area where you can have your outdoor furniture to relax in while enjoying your water feature. If you have not noticed the theme yet, all these ideas are meant to make your outdoor space interactive, so you spend more time enjoying your outdoor space in a relaxing tranquil environment. Always try to get your patio or pond as close as you can to each other, trust me you will not regret it.

Steppingstones: This idea is like the bridge idea; it is another fun interactive way to get across your waterfalls/stream or pond. The kids really love this one. 

Decorative fountain: Want to spice up your existing pond or build a naturalistic pond with a contemporary theme then adding a decorative fountain element is the perfect choice. Check out our various fountain choices such as the stacked slate urns, slate spheres, or architectural walls! These can be installed in the pond or added around the pond as a separate water feature. We guarantee that these fountain pieces will add an elegant modern touch to your water feature and outdoor space.

Fire pit: You have the pond, you have the deck or patio (or both), why not have a fire pit? It only makes sense. Enjoy the warmth of a fire pit, while sipping on your favorite beverage hanging out with company during any season of the year right next to your pond! 

Seating: Seating is a must have by a pond. The goal is to get you to come outside your house and enjoy your outdoor paradise and you cannot do that if you do not have seating for you and your company. Therefore, we also recommend building your pond by a patio or deck, it allows for furniture to be placed so you can spend time enjoying your pond. Also, like everything else we do, we get creative. Seating does not have to just be ordinary furniture!!! Have a paver patio? Well, install retaining wall seating! Get park style wooden benches right next to your pond. What about a tree hammock right over your pond? You have a natural ecosystem pond why not have a couple of large accent “seating boulders” to compliment your pond, maybe even place a large one in the pond itself where you can sit and dangle your feet in the water while feeding your fish. Sounds awesome right? That is because it is. Be creative, have fun and enjoy.

We hope our ideas inspire you in transforming your outdoor living space to the tranquil resort-level oasis you deserve! If you need help or are looking to make your dreams turn into reality, please do not hesitate and contact us. 

pond with beach
Custom Beach Entry Into The Pond