How much does a Outdoor Fountain cost on Long Island?

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Well it depends on how crazy you want to get!

Whether your looking to create an intimate little corner of your backyard or an amazing focal point for curb appeal in your front yard, the possibilities are endless. It really comes down to your imagination and how creative you would like to be. We have packages such as a single Urn from a few thousand o commercial projects that range into the six figure range. Therefore, if you live in the Nassau County or Suffolk County region of Long Island and want to learn more about our fountain pricing we’ve made a custom page on our website just for that.  Just click the button below to learn more.

Now onto what actually influences the price of a fountainscape. The most obvious factor is the amount of decorative fountain pieces you will be adding to the fountain. The price of fountain pieces go over $1000 alone without any installation. A direct relationship of adding more fountain pieces is also increasing the size of the basin underneath the whole fountain. Underneath all that gravel, what you don’t see is the amount of Aquablox, a modular structural block, which are needed to contain all the water and create a load-bearing level floor for the fountains to sit on. Another direct relationship of adding a fountain piece is that the pump size will likely need to be upgraded to maintain the correct flow for every fountain piece. Therefore, the more fountain pieces equals a bigger basin, bigger pump, and more plumbing which will all increase the price of a decorative outdoor fountain.

outdoor fountain basin
The Aquablox's underneath the fountain

Other facts that will affect the price of the fountain will be whether you add LED lights, driftwood, as well the type of gravel used to fill the basin. Mexican beach pebbles will be drastically more expensive than regular river rock. Driftwood can be pricey as well depending on the size of the piece obtained. A large cost of the fountainscape will be the LED lights. Usually clients will be go with the more expensive color changing lights more often than not to really create a show-stopping piece, but the amount of lights needed to correctly light a fountain will easily add up.

Other random factors involved will be additional add-ons like an Iongen system, to remove any string algae that grows in the water feature. An autofill system, so you don’t need to keep refilling the basin with water every few weeks. An automatic dosing system, to continuously add water treatments to keep the water clear all year round. 

And above all of these factors, the most important factor is who you will be hiring. The fountainscapes we build here at Tranquilityscapes are completely custom, from how we do the lighting and plumbing to the artistic value and flow of the fountain. Anyone can build a simple fountain by having a small, medium, and large in a single file line, but to create a fountainscape with different elevations and cutting and modifying pieces so they flow together is an artistic ability not everyone has. So before you go hand over your checkbook, make sure the people building your fountain have the ability to create a one of a kind custom creation.