My Pond is leaking! Help!

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Live in Nassau County or Suffolk County of Long Island and think your pond is leaking? We can help

Relax! The first thing we have to do is make sure it’s actually leaking or if it’s just evaporation. Evaporation has so many factors that it’s almost impossible to accurately predict as it is a factor of wind, solar radiation, evapotranspiration, temperature, and humidity among a list of many other factors. Believe it or not, according to a study done in California, pools can lose 1/2 inch to 2 inches of water per week! Now we’re talking about a pond here, probably with a waterfall. Waterfalls cause water to splash on rocks and evaporate even more so the larger the flow rate of your pump the larger the evaporation rate will be. A 4’x6′ Pond with a 20-foot stream and 5 feet of cascading waterfalls may lose as much as 2 inches or more per day! And just because it’s no longer summer doesn’t mean that evaporation magically disappears. Now that doesn’t mean if you fill your pond up and the next day you’re down 6″ that you’re just dealing with evaporation, because that’s definitely a leak. Don’t panic just yet, leaks can be repaired.

Check for low edges

The first thing to do is to pull the liner around the edges of your pond, make sure there hasn’t been any settling and the water is just running out of your pond. Starting by going around the whole pond and waterfall, an easy telltale sign is muddy soil and the fix is easy! Just lift the liner back up you’re done. If the liner hasn’t fallen down, then there probably is something obstructing the waterfall, e.g. plants, leaves, excess algae growth, causing water depth to increase over the liner edge. Just remove the obstruction and you’re on your way.

Still have a leak?

So you checked your edges and found no water leaking over, so now what? Time for a bucket test. Get yourself a 5 gallon bucket, put it in the first shelf of your pond and fill the bucket with water until it matches exactly the pond water level. If this sounds confusing, just search “pool bucket leak test” in YouTube and you’ll find a bunch of videos explaining what it is. Now you’ll need to 

  • Make sure the pond is filled to the normal level
  • Turn off all pumps
  • If you have fish you’ll want to add an aerator temporarily to provide oxygen
  • Wait 24 Hours

After the 24 hours have past, look at the water level in the bucket compared to the water level in the pond. If the water levels match then you don’t have a leak in your pond, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a leak in your waterfall just yet. If the water level in the bucket is higher than the pond water level then you have a leak. If you have a leak in your fish pond then you’ll want to let it keep dropping until it stops. The level at which the water stops is the level where you will look for you leak. Usually this level will be at the skimmer faceplate or maybe just a tiny puncture in the liner which can be patched. If you’re not comfortable fixing this on your own, don’t worry, just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to fix it for you. 

Water level is steady but you still have a leak

You’ve determined that the pond isn’t the part that is leaking, so the only thing that is left is the plumbing and waterfall section of your pond. At this point you’re going to need to call a professional like Tranquilityscapes to come in and help you assess the situation. It doesn’t mean it’s going to cost you a fortune or rebuilding the whole pond, because more often than not the fix will be a quick and easy one.