How often to test your pond water?

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If you were curious and typed that question into google, you probably read pages and pages of information and now are left tired and confused. You have answers such as test water levels daily, every other day, twice a week or weekly, so what is the actual answer? 

We personally recommend testing your pond water only if you are having water quality issues or fish issues such as your fish acting differently then normal… gasping for air, increasingly lethargic, or unusual behavior, etc. 

The reason is because we build Ecosystem ponds here at TranquilityScapes, hence we recreate mother nature at a smaller scale. When a pond is built like a proper balanced eco-system it should not require any routine testing. Once your pond is built and goes through the normal biological processes it will establish itself as a natural living organism and will perform perfectly fine without all the testing and added treatments people like to do. 

A properly built eco-system pond consists of 5 parts which include:

  1. Filtration- Mechanical & biological
  2. Circulation (Pumps, aerators, plumbing)
  3. Rocks & Gravel
  4. Plants
  5. Fish
Recap; We like to keep it simple. There is no reason to test your water consistently when a pond is built properly. We let mother nature run the show and just enjoy the beauty.


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