How Much Does a Pondless Waterfall Cost? Long Island, NY

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The soothing sound of a waterfall in your backyard is unparalleled.

There’s nothing quite like a backyard pondless waterfall. The sound of water and the way it completes a landscape is unparalleled to anything. So before you went to call anyone, you googled “Pondless waterfall cost” and landed here. Whether you’re currently living in Nassau County or Suffolk County we can help. Well we’re not going to waste any of your time, we’ve made a special page on our website all about pricing so you can pick out what you want or don’t want. You’ll have a really good idea of what it will cost you to build that awesome waterfall you’ve been imagining. If you want to see our most common pondless waterfall price packages click the button below and if you don’t see the pondless waterfall you’ve been imaging you can just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help!

There are many factors that will influence the cost of your pondless waterfall. Some simple factors would be length, elevation, slope, and size of boulders used. The most obvious one is the length of the waterfall. The longer the waterfall, the more fabric, liner, rock, pumps, and a larger basin will be used causing an increase in price. The next factor would be the elevation of the waterfall. If there is no existing slope, then the height of the waterfall will drastically change the cost of the waterfall. The picture above is about a 20′ stream with a 4′ elevation. Believe or not, but the ground actually sloped the other way and the only way to fix that was to bring in dirt. For that project we needed to bring in 3 tri-axle semi truck loads of dirt to bring the elevation up. This significantly increased  the cost of the waterfall.

So you have the slope so you don’t need to bring in dirt. The next factor that would influence the cost of your pondless waterfall would be the steepness of that slope. Is it a super steep slope that our excavator would tip over or is it a gradual slope that is much easier to work on. On top of slope, another factor that would influence the cost of your pondless waterfall is accessibility. If it’s a larger project, can we even fit our excavator on your property? Is there space for multiple tons of boulders to be delivered and staged in an area? All of these factors will come into play when pricing out a pondless waterfall feature.

Another large factor in building a pondless waterfall will be the size of the boulders you choose. Larger boulders equal larger machines and more time to place those boulders causing the price of the pondless waterfall to increase. Now, larger boulders make a very natural looking waterfall due to the sheer size of the boulders. And above all, the price of the pondless waterfall won’t matter unless you hire the right artist. Creating a waterfall is an art, and not everybody is an artist, so before you choose that landscaper over a Certified Aquascape Contractor because your only looking at prices, make sure to take a peek at their portfolio to see what they actually build. As always, it’s always cheaper to do it right the first time around than it is to rebuild it.